We don’t have a job, or even a career.
Ours is a calling.

By definition, a passion is something that can’t be controlled. It’s not the thing that someone pushes you to do; it’s the thing you have to do, the thing that beckons you. That’s why it’s called your calling. It knows your name. It comes to find you.

The work is the reward.

Who we are and what we do is one and the same. We don’t conform to practices of a big name business, passing you along to the next available agent on the floor. Instead we connect to our conviction that real estate is more than a transaction. When you call Deaton & Company we are with you Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

Great Real Estate Business = our ethics + your well-being

Our Brokers


I love what I do and where I do it. My grandparents homesteaded a small farm in eastern Montana, raising 6 children in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s. Montana is a part of me. It is with great satisfaction that I get to share my passion for Montana with clients every day…



All my life experiences have led to my career in real estate. Working to help others brings out my best; hand me any job without worry or second-guessing. I’m a zealous listener and aggressive pursuer of creative solutions to life’s challenges. The details make me smile….


Our Agents

Bethany Johnson

Having the privilege to create new bonds and make life-long relationships with others can’t be called “work” for me. I’m doing something I was born to do- building friendships wherever I go and being the mediator along the way. I grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska, but NW Montana has been in my blood.


Scott Frank

After traveling the globe cooking and serving in some of the world’s finest restaurants, Scott realized home is in the mountains. Scott joins Deaton & Co. after spending eight years in Vail, Colorado. He and his fiancé (Jamie) and their rescued lab mix (Ace) decided to head north to their dream community of the Flathead Valley.


Taysha Garwood

I’ve been lucky enough to be born and raised in Montana where the mountains are taller and the rivers are wider. The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland and the canals of Venice fight for a close second but Montana always takes the blue ribbon.  I fill my free time with hiking, rafting, and skiing with my fellow folks in the Whitefish community. If Montana is the place you want to call home then I can make it happen.


Mike Slawson

My extensive background of over 15 years’ experience in building and construction is grounded in Montana. I bring knowledge in aspects of new construction in both residential and commercial projects. My passion is delivering quality, efficiency, and value.


Steve Botkin

Montana has been, and always will be, home. I was born and raised in Montana and my Great Grandmother homesteaded here in the late 1800s making my roots run deep. I spend as much time in the beautiful outdoors as possible riding dirt bikes, snow biking, camping or exploring in our Jeep.



One word – trust. We want to know your story. Why you’re here, what your hopes are. Only then can we truly match you with the property of your dreams. Spend some time with us and you’ll see why smaller is better.


One word – exposure. Utilizing current technology is at the center of our strategy, allowing us to take your property to interested parties around the globe. Consider it yelling your property’s virtues from the digital rooftops.

Our education and experience result from having a single focus – Northwest Montana Real Estate. It’s the only thing we do.

Real estate is a fluid world with changing technologies and expanding opportunities. We aggressively pursue continuing education, and this commitment combined with our love of the area means we offer only the most current information and strategies.

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We walk the talk.

Real estate IS our day job.

Some of our clients have worked with us for years, others just days. We meet both face-to-face and finger-to-keyboard. Real estate goals are as unique as the individual pursuing them, and this challenge is perhaps our favorite part of the business.

One thing only ties the reviews together; our commitment to clients’ success. There is no distance nor time in the pursuit of dreams, let us join you in the pursuit of yours.

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This company is AMAZING!!! My agent, Bethany Johnson, was SUCH a pleasure to work with. She went above and beyond so many times during the home buying process. I never want another agent to represent me again….and I know plenty of agents as my husband is a retired Real Estate Broker. She pays attention to each and every detail and keeps her client apprised of how things are going. I was never left in the dark!

Doug and Amy helped us find the perfect house in 1 weekend. They made the process seamless and they truly care about their clients. They also have a broad network of competitive service providers. I would recommend them to anyone.

Doug and Amy Deaton were instrumental in our purchase of a residential lot in Kalispell while we were residing in a town 260 miles away. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a professional yet friendly agency to help with your real estate needs.

They are a highly professional team that spent considerable time with my wife and I educating us about the Flathead Valley. Because we live in San Diego, we had to rely on them quite heavily and they performed throughout the entire process. We appreciated the fact that one of them was always available and that they possess different strengths. Their market knowledge was impressive but even more impressive was their integrity and commitment to service. Not only would we recommend them to others, we would go out of our way to do so. This is coming from a commercial real estate professional who has had 40 years of exposure to real estate brokers.

My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Amy and Doug Deaton over the past 6 years. They are both very professional and friendly in helping provide us with every aspect of our real estate requirements. The best part of our real estate relationship is the friendship we have developed! Highly recommend them for any real estate needs you may have!

We worked with the Deaton’s for a couple of years looking for the perfect plot of land. They took the time to give us knowledge of the local area, answered our questions and went with us to view the properties. We live in another state so most of this was done by email and phone. We had one contract that didn’t work out but they stuck with us until we found our perfect lot. I highly recommend them.

This is a pleasure as they are VERY PROFESSIONAL. No rushing to view property. Not standing around telling us , we have to go or giving their opinion. We wanted to view, and evaluate without their hearing what they liked or disliked. A year ago we had an agent acting like she was buying the home and was abrasive in her manor. I am 65 and this my 1st home purchase. Doug made the choice easy and was Very Pleasant about everything. Amy’s help was also appreciated.

Amy is especially patient and good at helping clients determine their own priorities with regard to buying real estate. She was also willing to do more research work for us than any other agent we ever worked with. (We’ve used many agents because we’ve moved often through association with the military.) For the Montana Flathead Lake region, Amy and Doug are both experts in knowing and sharing the advantages and disadvantages of each property. Their honesty is quite refreshing and it helped us make a number of trade-offs we couldn’t have made as well by ourselves. They also both know the buy/sell process well and are quickly available and helpful every step of the way. I would highly recommend the Deaton team.

Amy and Doug sold our home in 2009 and another parcel in 2016. They are very responsive to any request and make you feel like you’re their number one client. They have extensive knowledge of the Flathead Valley real estate market and kept us up to date with current market conditions. You won’t find another real estate company with more integrity than the Amy and Doug Deaton.

Amy and Doug are OUTSTANDING. We have been on the hunt for our dream home for a few years and they have been patient, understanding, helpful and truly have our best interest at heart! Even today Amy sent us pictures! I wish all realtors were like them!!! Thank you for ALL you do!